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It's been a journey - that's for sure!

dinkylune is built on the desire to make the world a little easier for people

For now, my focus is largely on My Year of TED and the release of Do Share Inspire, the book about the project. The book is now available through multiple sources, checkout the book page on my website for more details.

If you've been sharing this journey with me, I'm sure you're breathing a sigh of relief that I've decided how these two parts of my life will work - I know I am.

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I've struggled to work out how to split my business into something logical for everyone. Recently, I decided that dinkylune and My Year of TED need to remain separate entities.

dinkylune will remain focused on the more tangible topics of information management, writing, editing and small business.

If you are interested in My Year of TED, please visit and you will find all of the resources for making better choices and pursuing the life you want over there.