Is writing a book on your bucket list?

Are you ready to give yourself permission?

Have you dreamed of publishing a book, but don't know where to start? Write to Launch will help you along your self-publishing journey.

Most people say they want to write a book - yet few ever complete the task. Some people are put off by the difficulty in getting traditionally published, but self-publishing technologies have removed that obstacle. You just need to know the steps involved... and have the courage to take action!

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You have the right to launch your own career as an author!
Are you ready to give yourself permission?

Additional Content/Resources

As well as 105 pages of content, including step-by-step instructions and advice, you get access to a resources page.

The page includes a range of templates and checklists for you to download. As well as links to a variety of blogs, podcasts and other sites with relevant and useful information.

There's so much advice out there, but who do you listen to - what do you really need to know to realise your publishing dream. Apparently 81% of Americans want to write a book, but traditional publishers only release about 500,000 titles a year - and that will include already established authors.

Applying to agents and traditional publishers is daunting, and only a small percentage of manuscripts are ever accepted. This is rational and logical, because a publisher needs to know that your book will sell a certain amount of copies - that it will provide the profit margin they require.

But now we can self-publish! With little effort, you could create a Kindle ebook and publish it out into the world - if only life were that simple. Because you're competing with millions of books, traditionally and self-published. So it's important for you to make sure you create the best book you can; that you find a market for your book before you publish; that it looks professional, and reads the same way.

Self-publishing allows many more of us to achieve the publishing dream, but it can so easily become a nightmare. That's why I wrote this book - to guide you through the process of self-publishing. Because self-publishing doesn't end when you finish the book, or when you upload it to Kindle or a Print-on-Demand service. Self-publishing means you need to take on all the roles of a traditional publisher, and I want to make that less complicated for you to achieve.

This book will give you a step-by-step process to follow - it will help you understand what has to be done; the options that are available; and how you can support yourself through the emotional minefield of self-publishing.

Stop hunting for the silver bullet that will do the work for you - it doesn't exist! Take charge of your self-publishing journey today, and finally realise your dream of holding a printed copy of your book!

In 2012, I published my first print-on-demand journal. This was followed by an ebook in 2013 and a 300-page paperback in late 2015. I have read books, completed courses and watched/read reams of online content on the topic.

After publishing my last book, Do Share Inspire, I realised there was a gap in all of the content I had consumed. That gap was a simple to follow, instructional book that could easily guide people through the self-publishing journey. Write to Launch is the resource I created - from the knowledge I have acquired learning and doing.

You'll also get access to some templates, checklists and other resources to help you even further in your self-publishing adventure - buy it today and finally make a start towards publishing your own book!

What's Inside for You

  • Chapter 1: Writing the Book

    A brief chapter on Stage One, with tips on outlining your book, writing and the importance of referencing appropriately. While this book is not designed to teach you how to write, this first chapter will help you start – if you haven’t already written your manuscript.

  • Chapter 2: Creating Your Platform

    Stage Two is the most detailed and lengthy of the self-publishing process. You’ll discover:
    – how to create your author platform
    – how to prepare for publishing your book
    – a range of setup decisions you need to make
    – marketing plans and options.

  • Chapter 3: Making it a Book

    You want your book to be professional and appealing to readers, which is Stage Three. This chapter is about editing, designing and choosing a self-publishing service to turn your manuscript into a real book.

  • Chapter 4: Preparing to Launch

    Stage Four is post-production but pre-launch. This chapter will guide you through the steps to prepare for finalising your platform, commencing marketing and getting your book out into the world.

  • Chapter 5: Getting it Out There

    Launching your book is only the first step in a very long road of promoting your book. Chapter Five provides you advice and guidance on launching your book, then setting yourself up for the long game.

Stop making excuses!

If you're not self-publishing because you don't know where to start, or what to do - buy Write to Launch today and stop making excuses! Start your own self-publishing adventure, and turn that draft manuscript, story idea, knowledge or skill into a published book.

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Meet the Author

Kylie Dunn

Kylie always dreamed of being a published author, but has only recently publicly admitted that fact. This is her fourth self-published book, the third aimed at helping other people live the life they want for themselves. Maybe the next book will finally be one of the many fictional worlds she has created...