made by dinkylune

These are the products and services that come from my more creative side - the things that make my heart sing. Products include jewellery, books, posters and stickers.

Heart services include makers sessions that I run around Hobart, and will eventually extend to some online instructionals for people not in Tasmania to re-engage with their own creativity too.

Heartfelt Pendants

A beautiful cage pendant that contains three (3) inspirational messages, a great gift for yourself or someone you love. Choose from a range of messages, or for a few dollars more you can have custom messages. Click here to see pendant range and messages.

Badges and Fridge Magnets

This is a new range from dinkylune - yep, I bought a badge maker and I've been having a ball with it. There is a large range of designs available as 44mm badge or fridge magnet - and more are on the way. Check out the current designs here.

Dust of Other Worlds

This is a collection of the magic from fictional worlds that is left behind when a reader or viewer is transported by a story. The Dust is captured in vials and pendants, and comes with a small certificate explaining what it is. The Dust of Other Worlds page will be available shortly. Check out the products and the story here.

Do-Pad: A notepad for doodlers

Do your notepads and meeting papers look like works of art? Do you find that you focus better when you are drawing patterns or even just filling in printed text? Do you prefer to take notes as a visual representation of the conversation at hand? Do people make comments about whether you are bored or paying attention because of your doodling? See the Do-Pad page for more details.