Helping you understand the world a little better, and making it easier for you to achieve what YOU want for your life and business - that's why I created dinkylune. Below are the paid courses that are currently available from dinkylune. This list will continue to grow, as I create more solutions to common problems.

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Current courses from dinkylune

Social Media Savvy: Developing Your Strategy

Are you using social media, but not sure you're doing it right? Do you think it's wasting too much of your valuable time and resources?

In the Social Media Savvy course, you will learn about all of the the standard social media tools, and how they might be put to better use in your business. I will also guide you through the process of defining your strategy and policy, so the tools work for you.

Discover more and gain clarity on the social media landscape; helping you make conscious choices about which tools you will use, and why. 

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