Self-Publishing Series: Are You Planning on Self-Publishing Your NaNoWriMo Novel?


If you’re attempting NaNoWriMo this year, congratulations and I’m so jealous! Don’t know what NaNoWriMo is? It’s the crazy challenge writers take on in November to write a novel – hence National Novel Writing Month. I’ve wanted to do it for the last couple of years. Sadly, November is always a busy time, so it’s not conducive to managing my stress levels. I am determined to…

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Self-Publishing Series: Physical, Electronic or Both?

print v ebook

To print or not to print, that is the question! We’re constantly told that ebooks are on the rise, so should you even bother creating a printed book? This argument could also go the other way, you’re only thinking of paperbacks because you want to sell them at a particular event, or give them away…

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Self-Publishing Series: Should you bother?

After all of these posts about how to self-publish, the process to go through, and how difficult it can be (emotionally as well as technically) – should you bother? I thought I should talk about whether all of this is worth it, and if you’ve been reading through this series I think you’ll know that…

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Self-Publishing Series: Understanding the Rules

broke the rules

I mention in the book – Write to Launch – that when you’re producing a paperback or ebook you need to understand and follow the rules of the publishing platform you are using. The thing is that this piece of advice works for EVERY system you are going to use to create your platform and…

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Self-Publishing Series: Marketing and Promotion

awareness and value

Have I mentioned how much I dislike this part of the process? Of course I have, numerous times. Here is the conundrum about self-publishing – I also become the publicist and marketer of my books, and I dislike both of those tasks. But I do them anyway, because there is little point publishing a book…

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Self-Publishing Series: Anatomy of a Book

The elements you need

Write to Launch is officially out in the world, and I am extremely excited about it! I’m more excited after last night, because I know this book will help so many people achieve their dreams. Last night I spoke to a group of about 30 people in Hobart about self-publishing – sharing my experience and…

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Self-Publishing Series: The fun begins!

courage to write

And this is why I need a sarcasm font – as far as I’m concerned, this is where the fun stops! Yes, this is the part of the self-publishing journey where people finally get to engage with your book, and you get some real interaction and feedback – and in many ways that is lovely…

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Self-Publishing Series: Release date for the book

23 May release

It’s happening! I’ve been facilitating a Project Management course today, and it reminded me of the truism of any project – nothing ever goes to plan! But this time it isn’t that I have to delay things, it’s that I’ve decided to bring the release date forward. I mentioned that I was treating my talk…

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Self-Publishing Series: Now in Book Form

Where the book started I was going through my notes the other day and came across the page of notes that became Write to Launch. I was most of the way through the first three stages of publishing Do Share Inspire when I started this page, with the additional content added during the final month. I thought…

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Self-Publishing Series: Milestones as I wait for a proof copy

Milestone #4 the proof copy

There are a couple of major milestones when it comes to self-publishing. I think the main ones are: Finishing the manuscript Having an edited manuscript Finalising the design Approving the proof copy Receiving copies of the book Launching Once you have the book there are a heap of other milestones around bookshops, sales and media…

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