In November 2011, I started a crazy project called My Year of TED. It was a self-development project I created to allow me to discover my authentic self and how I want to contribute to the world, or what I wanted to be when I grew up. After a year spent applying the wisdom of TED Talks into my life, one of the outcomes was the creation of this business, dinkylune (and anagram of my name).

Through dinkylune, I aim to help other people rediscover their voices and take ownership of their lives. Further information about My Year of TED, the experiences and lessons of that year, are available at

Of course the business is about much more than just that lofty goal, because I'm made up of a lot of other skills and experiences as well. I refer to dinkylune as a polymathic business - which basically means there are a variety of products and services that I offer.

I am a qualified information manager, with over 13 years experience in the field.
I hold no qualifications for the other material on this site. It is a place where I enthusiastically share my personal experiences and the knowledge I have gained in a broad range of areas. Whilst I have gained some expertise, I do not refer to myself as an expert.